Android for PCs

Gaming Centre

PrimeOS is equipped with a dedicated Gaming application, which helps you to manage all of your Android games. Gaming Centre monitors your gaming pattern to suggest the best-suited games for you. It also provides you with all the necessary hardware details that can help you to manage the performance of any game

  • Dashboard
  • System Information
  • Best suited game for you
  • Category wise bifurcation

How to use DecaPro

Go to Gaming Centre - Start a game - Press F12 - Map Keys - Now you’re good to go

Experience Android Games on big screen and make highest score ever

DecaPro Gaming Centre enables you to play any Android games on big screen. See every details of your favourite game on your PC monitor instead of tiny smartphone screen.

Android games like PC Game should be played on PC

Map keys to all the touch gesture and beat your opponent like never before

These game have preset keys

We want to make things simpler for you

Why DecaPro for gaming

Android platform to run millions of Android mobile apps / games on PC and Mac.
Enhanced gameplay experience while playing Android Games on PC using your monitor, gamepad or keyboard and mouse

Myth vs Fact

Why PrimeOS is better than any Emulator


Emulator provides limited allocation of hardware resources while PrimeOS provides you full freedom to any amount of allocation



Two OS runs at a time in case of Emulator while PrimeOS itself is a complete OS thus doesn’t require any other OS to run.



PrimeOS doesn't require any host OS like Windows or MacOS to run unlike Emulators



PrimeOS runs 3x times faster than any emulator in same hardware configuration



Booting Time of PrimeOS is much faster than any of the emulator in this world


PrimeOS comes up with better battery and heating management